Coven of Outcast Witches

To be feared. To be shunned. To be persecuted and killed. That is the lot of those rare individuals who are blessed (or perhaps cursed) with the mysterious powers of the Wyrd. They try to keep their abilities hidden from prying, suspicious eyes, but sooner or later the truth generally manages to get out and when it does the unfortunate psyker is faced with a harsh decision: stay and risk the purging flame and the angry mob, or leave town and face the dangers of the wastes. Those that choose to stay soon regret doing so, whilst those who leave either band together or perish.

Once outside the constraints of secrecy and shame these powerful individuals are free to develop their powers and can become truly terrifying opponents. The most powerful amongst them can create crackling forks of lightning or raging conflagrations, bend enemies to their will and vanish completely, only to reappear elsewhere instantaneously. Even the less potent are capable of some extremely useful, if somewhat less flashy effects such as regrowing their flesh as it is damaged or sensing the outcome of their actions before they actualy perform them.

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