The Spyrer Hunt List

Everywhere you look in the universe it is the case that the haves look down upon the have-nots. On Necromunda this is taken to lethal and terrifying extremes. Amongst the Nobles Houses of the palatial spires atop the Hive there exists a sinister secret society called The Hunt Club, a bloodthirsty collection of sociopathic murderers who view the Underhive as nothing more than a massive Human safari. Armed with highly advanced hunting rigs and exotic weaponry they slay, murder and mutilate those unfortunate enough to meet them until thier trophy rack is complete.

Called Ghosts, Demons and Monsters by Underhivers, Spyre Hunters have a chilling reputation for brutality, sadism and murder, a reputation that they have earned many times over. Though their numbers are vanishingly small there is almost nobody in the Hive Bottom that does not fear and despise them more than anything. For their part, Spyrers care nothing for the feelings of those they stalk and happily tear men, women and children limb from limb to prove themselves to their callous peers.


Spyrer Special Rules


There are currently four lodges in the Hunt Club, each espousing a different style of slaughtering the innocent and unwary. Each Lodge is named after the Hunting Rig that it's members use and this affects the hunters style as much as peer pressure from the other members. Each member of the Hunt must choose a lodge, and this choice will affect the type of adaptations and equipment available to the Hunter.


Spyrers have no territories and never have any income. They may never visit any settlements or trade with any other gang - the only contact they have with Underhivers is to kill them!


Spyrer gangs do not normally recruit new members. However, once they complete their trophy racks they may return uphive and new hunters may wish to join the group if they have been succesful - beating famous (or infamous) gangs or individuals garners more respect than slaughtering any number of Scavvies, though unthinking brutality and a taste for blood are also rewarded.

Once each surviving member of the gang has killed (not just taken out - it must be a Kill) three models the gang may come back above The Wall to swap tales of the hunt. At this point you may roll your gangs rep rating as if it were recruitment points. Each success gives you 20 points with which to purchase new members. Your rep is then established anew as if you were a starting gang, though you may add one point for each previous foray into the Underhive that your hunt has been on.


This rule is described in detail Here




EQUIPMENT:Uphivers MUST be given a hunting rig and may have no other equipment. See below for details.
Spyre Hunters are terrifying, semi-mythical creatures of Underhive legend. Underhivers both Hate and Fear them.
SYMBIOSISGreen Hunters have yet to begin their slide into mechanical madness. They begin the campaign with a Symbiosis Rating of 0.
  He'd expected masks and hoods, darkened rooms and hushed whispers. He knew better now. The Hunt Club had no need of such secrecy to protect itself - they were very careful who they invited to join and it was made instantly clear how far they would go to punish treachery. The scars from his initiation still felt raw and the mental scars cut even deeper - last night had been the first time since then that he hadn't woken screaming and soaked in cold sweat.

Above the fireplace, six human skulls grinned vacantly down upon him, made infernal by the firelight. He grinned back. Why should Devils have to hide their evil?

  Left. Right. Duck. Was that a voice in her head or just her reflexes acting faster than her conscious mind? She didn't care. Either way it helped her avoid being shot, which was just fine. She had no intention of allowing these sub-humans to take her down, not when her trophy rack was still half empty. Crouching low, she ran on around a crumbling outhose towards the Scum that had dared to fire at her.

With her legs augmented by the Rig it didn't take long to cover the distance. She loved to see the look on their faces as they tried to work out how she could be on them so fast, the disbelieving, vacant stare of a frightened animal frozen in place ready to die. Lauging, she leaped in amongst them, eager to oblige.



EQUIPMENT:Uphivers MUST be given a hunting rig and may have no other equipment. See below for details.
Spyre Hunters are terrifying, semi-mythical creatures of Underhive legend. Underhivers both Hate and Fear them.
SYMBIOSISBlooded Hunters are veterans of previous hunts and have begun the process of integrating fully with their hunting Rig. They begin the campaign with a Symbiosis Rating of 2.



There are currently four lodges in the Hunt Club: Orrus, Malcadon, Yeld and Jakara. Each espouses a different style of slaughtering the innocent and unwary and each is named after the unique and distinctive Hunting Rig that it's members use. This highly advanced piece of technology is a closely guarded secret, hidden from the eyes of the Imperium and the Adeptus Mechanicus just as the Hunt Club itself is hidden from those who would find it abhorrent.

All members of the Hunt must be equipped with a hunting rig. The cost of the basic rig is included in their points cost, but each Rig MUST purchase between 3 and 6 Upgrades. These are divided into Adaptations and Equipment (though these are only names and have no effect on your choice) - Adaptations being improvements to the suit and it's wearer, whilst Equipment is pretty self-explanatory.

You are not entirely free to choose, however, as each lodges' rig will only allow certain upgrades - those that it does not allow are destroyed by the suits' "immune system", just like tissue rejection in transplant surgery. Why this happens (like most things to do with these bizzare devices) is not known, but experience has show the lodges what works and what doesn't. The tables below tell you which Lodge may purchase which upgrades, together with their cost in points. For a full description of the nature and game effects of Hunting Rigs and these upgrades, click Here. (This opens in a new window)

  O M Y J Cost
Active Targeting Array - - Y - X pts
Anti-Grav generator - - Y - X pts
Camelioline Scales - Y Y - X pts
Carapace Y - - - X pts
Electoo - Y - Y X pts
Exoskeleton Y Y Y - X pts
Extracranial coprocessors - Y - Y X pts
Hypersynaptic Relay - - - Y X pts
Powerfield Y - - - X pts
Speed Augmentation - Y - Y X pts
Strength Augmentation Y - - - X pts
Talons - Y Y Y X pts
Toxin Sacs - Y - - X pts
  O M Y J Cost
Bolt Launchers Y - - - X pts
Demilune - - - Y X pts
Laser Gauntlet - - Y - X pts
Mirrorfield - - - Y X pts
Monosword - - - Y X pts
Neurogauntlet - Y - - X pts
Plasma Incinerator Y - - - X pts
Power Claw Y Y - - X pts
Power Flail - - - Y X pts
Storm Shield Y - - Y X pts
Techbow - - Y - X pts
Thunder Hammer Y - - - X pts
Web Projector - Y - - X pts
Wristbow - - Y - X pts

I'm sorry about not having the cost of upgrades nailed down yet - feel free to offer suggestions!


Note that all Spyrers are Veterans and advance accordingly.

Malcadon+1 W+1 W+1 W+1 Ft+1 Ft+1 Ft
Orrus+1 B+1 B+1 B+1 G+1 G+1 G
Jakara+1 W+1 W+1 W+1 Ft+1 Ft+1 Ft
Yeld+1 W+1 W+1 W+1 Sh+1 Sh+1 Sh