Normal Vehicles
Vehicle may move up to it's full allowance and may move less if desired.

May make one single turn of up to 45 degrees at 50% of move - eg, if vehicle moves 12", it may make one turn at 6".

This forces a faster moving vehicle to make wider turns and to slow down to make tight corners.

Fast Speed

A vehicle may elect to go fast, doubling it's normal speed in the same way as a foot model running. It takes a few moments to build up the momentum needed, so a vehicle may not go from stationary to fast or fast to stationary in one turn - it must have moved at least half it's normal move in it's last turn before going to fast speed and must move at least half a move in the turn it comes back down to mormal movement.

There is no effect upon the vehicle's manoeuvreability for going fast - the system already punishes vehicles for their speed so no additional effects are needed. However, all weapons monted on the vehicle have their range halved as the crew are jolted about and targets rush past in a blur.

Agile Vehicles

Move as per a normal vehicle of it's type BUT can make a single turn of up to 45 degrees BEFORE it's move as well as the one at 50% that is normally allowed - eg, an agile vehicle moving 12" could turn once, move 6", turn again and move a further 6".

I find this roughly halves the vehicles turning circle, allowing them to go twice as fast without sacrificing manoeuvrability.


Walkers move exactly like infantry. They may move in any direction, change direction freely during their move and may end their move facing any direction they wish, just like a foot model.

Walkers may also run, but if they do so they must manoeuvre in the same way as a vehicle (including the need to slow down gradually and the reduction in weapon range).

Agile walkers may ignore low walls and such like when moving and count as agile when running.